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Bar Service

KRT can provide Mobile Bar Units which are ideal for your function. Our purpose built and contemporary bar countering and professional modern fittings can be set up for any size bar for numbers from 50 to 100 and more, alternatively our mobile van units can park at any location, open the door and be ready to serve.

Our bar counters are modern and stylish providing a "wow" factor in your marquee or other suitable venues whilst for more traditional places such as Powderham Castle and Bishops Court House we can provide a more suited bar for the surroundings. Bar Manager Liam Townsend and his professional, polite staff are very particular about the bar set up and the overall running of the bar, so you can rest assured of a professional slick bar service to suit all your needs.

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We offer various types of package (please see the link below) for your bar requirements, and several ways for you to use them which are:-

  • Full Pay Bar - your guests pay for their drinks as they would in a pub.
  • Subsidised Bar - you can put an amount of money on the bar which lowers the cost of the drinks for your guests accordingly.
  • Free bar - Unfortunately not what it seems! your guests have free drinks and you pay the bill. Alternatively you could have an amount of money on the bar and your guests will have free drinks until the amount is reached.

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Please click the link to view our drinks packages